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Adobe Illustrator Tutorials and Notes

Tutorials and How Tos for leading graphic design software Adobe Illustrator.

How to Create an Animated gif with Illustrator and Photoshop

How to fill an area in Illustrator

Undo and History in Adobe Illustrator

Create a circular 3 segment logo with 3d appearance from shading

Cutting a shape in two in Illustrator

Blob Brush Tool

The blob brush tool paints in shapes, i.e. with a stroke and a fill. This makes it different from the standard brush tool, which just paints as a stroke.

Borders / How to Apply a Patterned Border to a Shape in Adobe Illustrator

Select the shape.

Open the Brushes window (Window / Brushes)

Click the Brush Libraries icon in the lower left corner of the Brushes window.

Go to the Borders menu item and select one of the submenus, e.g. Borders_Decorative and then you will have various border choices to select from.

How to Change a Straight Line Anchor Point into a Curved Anchor Point in Adobe Illustrator

Select the Anchor Point Tool as follows:

Click on the straight line anchor point and drag it to change it into a curved anchor point.

How to Fill Text with a Gradient in Adobe Illustrator

See how to fill text with a gradient in Adobe Illustrator.

How to Duplicate Objects Around a Circle in Adobe Illustrator

How to Duplicate Objects Around a Circle (YouTube Video)

Follow these steps:

Create a circle as a guide. 

Add whatever shape you want to duplicate above the circle guide on a new layer. 

Select both shapes. 

Press R to use the Rotate Tool, or select the Rotate Tool from the Tools panel. 

Hold the Alt key and click on the centre point of the guide circle. 

In the dialogue, specify a rotation in degrees, using a number that divides 360 into equal parts, e.g. 36.

Click the copy button.  Then click Ctrl+D to duplicate the shape all around the circle.    

How to Split a Circle into Arcs in Adobe Illustrator

Draw a circle.

Draw a line across it horizontally.

Select the line and double click on the rotate tool. Enter an angle, e.g. 60 degrees, then click on the copy button.

Select the circle and all sections.

Go to Window / Pathfinder and click on the Divide button.

Ungroup using Object / Ungroup, and you now have segments.

You can drag out one of the segments, and then use the Scissors Tool (under the Eraser Tool) to click on the points to separate the arc from the segment.

How to Divide a Circle into Segments in Adobe Illustrator

Use the Polar Grid Tool, which is found in the Line Tool menu.


Use the pie graph tool! It's a bit of a hack but it works.

Example: Creating a 30° angle.

  1. Create a pie graph with the dimensions you want.
  2. Calculate the angle in terms of revolutions of a full circle. 30°/360° = 1/12 revolutions.
  3. Create a pie graph with the values 1 and 11 (1/12 + 11/12 = 1 or 100%)
  4. Ungroup the graph object and select the wedge that corresponds the angle.

Shine Effect in Adobe Illustrator

See tutorials on how to create a shine effect in Adobe Illustrator.

Switch Off Text Hyphenation in Illustrator

Go to the Paragraph window and uncheck hyphenate.

Transparency in Adobe Illustrator

Other Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorials

10 Essential Adobe Illustrator 2017 Tips from JuiceFoozle. This tutorial covers:

  • Use of the spacebar to move a point on the fly whilst using the pen tool.
  • Use of the curvature tool as an alternative to the pen tool.
  • Using the width tool to make pen lines look inky and hand drawn.
  • Rounding corners on shapes.
  • An easy way to reduce the weight of all the lines in your design.


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