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The Skills You Need to be an Awesome Digital Marketer - a Digital Marketing Skills List

Below I list the skills you should develop to become successful as a digital marketer. Ultimately being a good digital marketer means being able to help the business increase sales through digital means.

Lead Generation Ability

You need to have the ability to generate leads for the business via digital techniques.

Ability to Create Engaging Content

Do you understand how to create content that is actually going to engage your visitors and not just try to sell to them?

For help with this, see how to create engaging content.

Ability to genuinely engage the target market.

Copywriting Writing Skills

You will need to be able to write copy that can engage and sell to customers.

You will need a high standard of written English, i.e. good grammar, spelling, vocabulary and writing style.

Good proofreading skills.

See also: How To Write Copy That Sells

Ability to Identify Relevant Trends

A digital marketer should be able to identify trends in their industry and capitalise upon them.

Be able to identify content trends through use of Google Analytics and Google Search Console.


Possessing creativity is an important trait. You will need to be creative to come up with original and engaging concepts, to distinguish your business in the crowded marketplace.

Be able to come up with ideas that can increase sales and brand awareness.

Have a Good Understanding of the Digital Marketing Techniques You Could be Using

There are many different digital marketing techniques, and you need to have a good knowledge of these so you can decide which ones could be used most effectively.

This list of digital marketing techniques will give you an idea of what's available.

Marketplace Insight

Understand what helps to sell products in a given marketplace.

Digital Campaign Planning and Execution

End-to-end execution of digital campaigns. This might include:

- Evaluating customer research, market conditions and competitor data

- Taking the campaign live

- Analysing results

- Gaining insights to optimise future campaigns

- Manage campaign deadlines

- Manage campaign budgets

Ability to Analyse Data to Gain Actionable Insights

Ability to put the appropriate analytics services in place.

Using data analytics services to analyse website performance.

Being able to use industry standard analytics programmes such as Google Analytics and gain insight and competitive advantage from them.

Be able to use the data analytics tools provided by social media sites such as Twitter analytics and Facebook Insights.

Assess performance of the various digital marketing techniques such as PPC, SEO and social media campaigns.

Being able to assess marketing campaign effectiveness.

Ability to accept what the data is telling you and change your activity accordingly.

Ability to Build an E-Mail List

Know how to get people to sign up to your e-mail list.

Ability to Create Engaging E-mail Campaigns

Paid Search Skills

Ability to create effective Pay Per Click campaigns and achieve Return on Investment.


Be able to formulate a SEO strategy.

Have a knowledge of SEO best practice.

Know the techniques that can be used to optimise your position in the search engines. This means understanding the search engine algorithms and taking appropriate action.

Techniques can be white hat, i.e. doing what the search engines want you to do such as product good content, or black hat, which means finding ways to exploit the algorithms.

See also: SEO Advice

Keyword Research

Conversion Rate Optimisation Skills

Able to evaluate the customer journey.

Having an understanding of conversion rate optimisation techniques, and able to test and implement these techniques to maximise conversion.

Social Media Skills

Have a knowledge of social media best practice.

Ability to generate interest in the business by use of social media.

Social media listening skills. Ability to listen to the social media conversation to gain actionable market insight.

See also: Twitter Masterclass

Customer Relationship Management Skills

The ability to create and manage a customer relationship digitally. This is often done via e-mail.

Marketplace Analysis Skills

Ability to analyse the marketplace and what products are in demand.

Ability to collect and monitor competitor intelligence.

Reporting Skills

Report back to the business on marketing effectiveness and Return On Investment.

People Skills

People skills aka soft skills, are the skills you need to interact effectively with other people.

Digital marketing projects usually involve many stakeholders, so you will need to be able to work with them all. Example skills are:

- Being able to communicate effectively.

- Being able to make decisions.

- Showing initiative.

- Being motivational to other people.

Manage agency staff and web developers.

Prepared to Invest in Yourself and Learn New Skills

The digital marketing landscape changes fast, so you will need to be prepared to invest your time in learning new techniques and tools in order to stay current.

Communication with Stakeholders

Ability to communicate what you are doing in your digital marketing with the stakeholders of the business, which might include the sales department, colleagues located at other sites and senior management.

Management of Third Party Agencies

Companies will often use third party agencies to help with their marketing, so you may need to manage their activity.

Client Management

If you work for a digital marketing agency, then you will need to be good at managing your clients.

Being Highly Organised

You will need to be highly organised to plan and keep track of your digital marketing activity. You will also need good organisational skills to meet deadlines, of which there will be many.

Be Able to Set Targets

Be able to set Key Performance Indicators for your role.


An understanding of re-targeting techniques.

Use of Customer Relationship Management Platforms

Such as Salesforce.com.

Project Management

User Experience Design

See also: UX Design Notes

HTML Skills

It's useful to know HTML and some digital marketing jobs require this.

Graphic Design Skills

As a digital marketer it's useful to have graphic design skills so that you can produce your own graphics. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are popular programmes for designing graphics.

Website Management Skills and Knowledge of Content Management Systems

You need to know how to update a website.

You may need to know how to use popular Content Management Systems such as Wordpress.



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