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Web Marketing Techniques List -
52 Kick Ass Ways to Get People to Your Website

Below is a list of all the possible web marketing techniques you could be using to get people to your website, in very approximate order of effectiveness.

E-mail marketing. Offer a newsletter and ask for e-mail sign-ups.

Video marketing. Make videos for YouTube and use them on your website and blog too.

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC).

Give something away for free, e.g. an e-book, in return for something, e.g. newsletter sign-up.

Use an e-mail autoresponder. This is an automated sequence of e-mails that is triggered and sent automatically at intervals e.g. once per week, when your prospect takes a particular action, e.g. signs up for your newsletter.

Do something out of the ordinary and dramatic, e.g. the Will It Blend video series by Blendtec.

Good content. Entertain or offer real value.

Start an affiliate program.

List marketing. Create Top 5 or Top 10 lists, or lists of any number, e.g. 38 ways to make more money.

Character branding. Create a unique character that will get people's attention, e.g. a cute animal.

Personal branding. Turn yourself into a brand. People will remember a person better than a bland business.

Article marketing. Create informative articles for others to publish.

Press releases. Get into the news.

Blogger outreach / product placement. Contact influential bloggers and offer them something to blog about you, e.g. a free product sample.

Google News. Get recognised as a proper news source by Google.

Run a competition.

Blogging. On your own site or guest blogging on other sites.

Make a video tutorial.


Create an online game.

Social media marketing. Social networks with marketing potential include Facebook, Twitter (see Masterclass), Instagram, Snapchat and Google+ and LinkedIn.

Create a web tool and give it away for free.

Have a basic version of your tool that you give away for free.

Forum posting. Find online communities and contribute to them in a constructive manner. Advertise your website in your signature.

Form alliances with other web marketers and help each other out, e.g. swap advertising on your sites.

Link requests. Contact others and ask them to link to your website.

SEO. Reverse engineer the search engine algorithms to give you site a better position in the search engine results pages. See our search engine optimisation page for more help.

Online radio. Do interviews.

RSS feeds.

Viral marketing. Create a video that has the capability to go viral.

Pay for advertising on other websites. Banner advertising.

Create a mobile app.

Hire celebrities.

Photo marketing. Use such good photography that this in itself attracts people to your site.

Create a How To guide. People love these.


Outreach. Build relationships with media organisations.

Paid syndication (like Outbrain and Taboola).

Local business marketing such as Google Places for Business.

Image optimisation to rank highly in search engine image results.

Directory submission. A somewhat dated technique now, but useful if there are industry specific directories relevant to your business.

Social bookmarking like StumbleUpon and Digg.

Ask visitors to bookmark your site. Make it easy for them to bookmark you, e.g. use the AddThis widget.

Use a signature on your e-mails.

QR Codes.

Create a forum community.

Think about what problems your customers have, then think about how to communicate to them how you can solve these problems for them.


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