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RSS Feed Tools

RSS tools for displaying RSS feeds on your website and syndicating your RSS feed.

Use zFeeder if you want to show other's RSS content on your website, or use it on your PC as a news reader.

Personalised RSS aggregator. Combine multiple RSS feeds into one new unique master feed and apply filters.

RSS Tutorial for Content Publishers and Web Masters
The tutorial explains the features and benefits of the RSS format, and gives a brief technical overview. It also includes information on the Atom format. The reader is assumed to have some familiarity with XML and other Web technologies.

Gives three options (hosted and non-hosted) for displaying RSS on your website.

FeedForAll PHP Script for RSS to HTML
Haven't tried it yet, but looks interesting.

A hosted service that will help you get your feed noticed. Also provides some neat tools like "chicklet choosers" and a banner that rotates your last five post headlines.

How to Convert RSS to HTML with ASP and ASP.net
An ASP / ASP.net script for converting RSS to HTML for display on a web page.

FeedRollPro JavaScript RSS Display Solution
Note this is a JavaScript solution which may prevent indexing of the feed by search engines.



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