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Preparing Illustrator Files for Print

A guide.


Document should be in CMYK colour mode. File / Document Color Mode

There might be artwork and/or photos still in RGB mode in your file, so:

Select All Ctrl + A / Edit / Edit Colors / Convert to CMYK


Need to set a Trim and Bleed.

Can set up a Bleed in File / Document Setup

Set up a Safety Zone - This is just an area within the document that you keep any critical text and images etc inside.

3mm bleed is typical for British printers.

Show Crop Marks.

Need to convert all your fonts to Outline. Ctrl A / Type / Create Outlines

Setting up Illustrator Files for Print by SelectGP


File / Package

Set the folder name you want.

Under Options, you want all boxes checked.

The Links being referred to are linked images.

Click Package, to create the package. If you then click show Package, you will be shown all the packaged files, i.e. images and fonts etc.



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