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PPC Marketing Advice

PPC marketing advice and tips.

6 Ways to Target Early-Stage Buyers in PPC by Sean Martin of Directive Consulting.

Google AdWords Certification study guides.


Ad Copy

Headline should include your most compelling information and incorporate your main keyword.

Rest of the ad should be benefits from your offering, differentiating factors, and Calls To Action like "Buy Now" or "Learn More".

Use Highly Targetted Ads

Use campaigns for regional and device targeting, and demographic targetting for display ads. Use ad groups that target specific closely related concepts or ideas within those campaigns. For high-volume terms, split off exact, phrase and broad match to enable you to set bids efficiently for each type.

Use Negative Keywords to Ensure Your Exact Match Ads are Shown

Use Negative Keywords to Ensure Your Exact Match Ads are shown. If you have an ad group such as "cool bikes", with broad, phrase and exact match keywords, and another ad group with "cool green bikes" with broad, phrase and exact match, the latter may not get shown because Google can make more money by showing a broad match for "cool bikes", and "cool green bikes" may never get shown. To get round this, add a negative phrase match keyword "green" in your broad match "cool bikes" ad group. This allows your "cool green cars" ad group to serve broad match keywords that are more specific to the original search intention. This will increase your CTR and lower your costs.

Add Long-tail Keywords

These bring targeted traffic at lower costs.

Use Non-Alphanumeric Symbols

Use non-alphanumeric symbols such as the Trademark or Registered symbol to make your ads more noticeable.

Show Regions Most Valuable to Your Business

Dimensions Tab / Set your view to Geographic

Send Click to a Landing Page

Direct your customer to a landing page that relevant to your ad, rather than just to your home page.

Performance Metrics

Cost of Conversion - How much you paid to get a conversion. This can be set in your AdWords and Google Analytics accounts, which is easier than tracking manually.

CTR of an Ad -  Important because it determines the rate with which the ad will be served (how often Google will show this ad compared to other ads on the same campaign).

Quality Score - Important because it determines the price you will pay for your ad, whether you have created a strong message and if you have targetted the right people.

Link Adwords With Your Google Analytics Account

Adwords can be linked to your Google Analytics account.

General Points About Google AdWords

AdWords allows you to target your ads at your customers.

You can set a maximum Cost Per Click that you are willing to pay.

It allows you to control your costs.

Allows you to track ad effectiveness by tracking subsequent actions on your website.


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