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PHP Scripts

Below we give example PHP scripts to help you learn PHP.

Affiliate Link Jump Script

MySQL Left Join example

PHP date formatting examples

How to check that the value of a variable being passed in a querystring is a number

How to get the Id of the last record inserted into a MySQL database

How to Delete Cookies in IE7

Where to find IE7 cookies on your Windows Vista computer

Where to find Firefox 3 cookies on your Windows Vista computer

Disallow certain characters from a form field with PHP

Obtain Site Domain Name in PHP

PHP code snippet to remove potentially dangerous code from a form input field

Remember the selected option of a select dropdown menu with PHP

Remember the checkbox status on postback with PHP

Sanitise Form Input Field for Insertion into MySQL Database

Display linebreaks from a MySQL Database correctly

How to Access a PHP Class Variable from Outside the Class

How to Set a Variable Value within a PHP Class

Paging with PHP and MySQL


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