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Photoshop Notes

How To Copy a Pixel Area in Photoshop

To Correct Blemishes or Rogue Pixels

Use the Healing Brush tool, and select Mode as Replace from the dropdown, then just click on the blemish. It should automatically correct the blemish.

Selecting / Deselecting Objects

To deselect, press Ctrl+D.

Smart Objects

Edit / Preferences / General / Always Create Smart Objects when Placing

Photoshop Mask

The only purpose of a layer mask is to hide the layer.

For a revealing mask (white), click the Add Layer Mask button in the bottom of the Layers panel. For a concealing mask (black), Alt-click the Add Layer Mask button. 

White reveals, black hides.

The concept of a layer mask is that black is the areas that hide, white is the areas that show up (although this can be inverted).

Alt click on the mask in the layers panel to see just the mask.

The good thing about layer masks is that they're non-destructive.

To invert a mask, click on it in the layers panel and press Ctrl + I.

Shift and click on mask to turn it off.

Cut Out a Person Using a Mask


Creating Backgrounds with Photoshop

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