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How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Firstly, I realise this site isn't mobile friendly yet, but making it so is on the long To Do list, so sorry for that irony ...

Google Mobile Friendly Test

You need to make all the pages on your website mobile friendly, not just some of them.

Use the Google Mobile Friendly Test to check your website.

Google wants to be able to index and rank app content and deep links within apps, but it doesn't want to adversely affect the speed of its search product for desktops.

It's likely that Google has built a crawler that is capable of indexing Android apps.

Use a Responsive Design

Use a responsive web design. This technique applies different CSS layout styling to your page elements according to screen size. It makes use of CSS Media Queries to identify screen size and respond accordingly.

The user should be able to read page content on a mobile, without having to zoom.

Make Your Links Easy to Tap

Navigation and links on your website should be easy to tap with a finger.

Make Your Web Pages Load As Fast As Possible and Consider the Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

Make your pages load as fast as possible.

To help with this, consider the Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. This is a simple, lighter version of HTML. AMP pages load faster and use less data compared to non-AMP pages.

Here's the AMP page validator.

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