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Make Money Online

Below we give links for ways to make money online. With the growth of the internet it is certainly possible to make money online, but all our suggestions will require a lot of hard work and dedication. None of our suggestions are "get rich quick" schemes.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is using your website to promote someone else's products and services. An affiliate marketing network acts as a facilitator allowing a website owner (or affiliate) to easily add advertisements from the other party (or merchant). To join affiliate marketing networks see UK Affiliate Marketing Networks and US Affiliate Marketing Networks.

Make Money Blogging

If you can provide interesting content on a blog and acquire a large number of readers, you will be able to make money online from displaying ads. A popular source of these online ads is the Google Ads which you can use by opening a Google AdSense account. You can actually sign up for a free blog at blogger.com, so you won't have to pay any web hosting fees. Here's the full procedure:

1) Sign up for your free blog at blogger.com.
2) Pick a subject that others will be interested in and start adding quality posts to your blog. Remember that web readers have short attention spans so try and keep it brief and to the point and post regularly.
3) Sign up for a Google AdSense account.
4) This is the hard bit which requires a knowledge of html (we will try and update this tutorial shortly to give more information). You need to amend your blogger template so that the Google Ads appear below each of your posts on your blog. This is done by copying the code from AdSense into the correct position in your blogger template.

That's it! All you need to do now is write some decent posts, and attract an audience. Bring traffic in to your blog by commenting on other blogs, submitting your blog url to the search engines, posting in relevant forums using your blog url in your signature, and making use of blog post announce services such as pingomatic.com.


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