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Link Masking

Link masking is a sensible idea for affiliate marketers as it is rumoured that Google will penalise sites with affiliate links, and some users may be loathe to click on an affiliate link. Some of the techniques can also make your sites easier to manage, because they group all your links into one easily manageable file. Here are some resources on how to do it:

How to create an affiliate jump script in php

Overview of link cloaking at the Shoemoney Blog
An article giving an overview of link cloaking techniques on the Shoemoney blog.

Hide affiliate links using htaccess
AffiliateBeginnersGuide.com gives a link masking technique using the htaccess configuration file on Apache.

How to mask affiliate links from Graywolf
SEO specialist Graywolf gives his take on how to mask affiliate links.

A discussion of link masking at affiliates4u.com



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