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How To Stop Procrastinating

Get Enough Sleep

Make sure you consistently go to bed on time and get enough sleep. You won't have the energy for important tasks if you are tired. If you feel you are being more productive by staying up late and don't have the time to get a proper amount of sleep ... you are deluding yourself and it's a false economy.

Look After Your Health

You need good health to have the energy to attack tasks, so apply all the common sense health advice such as not drinking too much, eating a balanced diet, not smoking etc.

Do Easy Tasks Straight Away

If you see a task that will take under two minutes to complete, just do it straight off ... no excuses, just do it. Consistently applying this simple rule will mean you get on top of many things.

Give Yourself Priority

Prioritise your own life. Be prepared to say no to other people's requests if they are distracting you and not letting you achieve your goals. This will give you the time to make a start on your tasks.

Make a List of Tasks

Write down a list of tasks that you need to get done, or make a spreadsheet or use a Task App. Whatever you choose, make sure that you have a record. This will mean you can see what needs to be done, and the tasks will stare at you until you complete them.

Set Rewards for Task Completion

Allow yourself a reward if you complete a particular task. This will act as an incentive for you to get on and tackle the task.


Delegate if appropriate.

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