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How To Get People to Subscribe to Your E-mail List

E-mail is a powerful form of digital marketing. Here I discuss ways to get people to sign up to your e-mail list.

Your E-mail Subscription Must Offer Value

People must be given a reason to sign-up to your e-mail list. You need to communicate the value they will get from signing up.

Offer Something for Free

Have a content upgrade that you give to your e-mail subscribers, e.g. a pdf or a checklist.

Pay Bloggers to Write About Your Site

Find the blogs in your space. Assess their popularity from Ahrefs and then look at the number of comments they are getting per post. The more comments they are getting, the more engaged is their audience and the more likely the audience is to take action. Then pay the blogger to write about your blog, and have your e-mail sign-up offer on the landing page.

Have a Giveaway to Collect E-mail Signups

Run a contest using the KingSumo Giveaway WordPress plugin to drive e-mail signups. Use a prize that will be of specific interest to your niche audience. An iPad or similar is not the best prize, because that will attract people that aren't interested in your niche.

Run Quizzes

Use a quiz to drive e-mail signups. A tool to do this is LeadQuizzes.com.

Paid Social Media Ads

Test paid social media ads such as Facebook Ads and keep what is working.

Autoschedule Social Media Posts Requesting E-mail Signup

MeetEdgar.com can be used to schedule out your social messages where you are asking people to subscribe.

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