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Flash Transparency Tween Tutorial

Flash tutorial on how to create a transparency tween, created Aug 2006.

- With playhead on frame one, draw rectangle.

- Click on frame 25 in the Timeline, right click and select Insert Keyframe.

- Right click on frame 25, select Create Motion Tween.

- Right click on any frame between 1 and 25, and select Create Motion Tween. Tween arrow should appear.

- Click back on Frame 25, click on the crosshair that should now be present in the centre of the rectangle. The Properties window should then change to say "Instance of: Tween 2", and a Color dropdown will appear over to the right of the Properties window. Select the Alpha option from the dropdown, and give it a value of 100% in the far right dropdown.

- In the Timeline, Click on Frame 1. Click on the crosshair in the centre of the rectangle, and in the Properties window you should be able to select Alpha from the Color dropdown, and set its value to 0%. You should now have your transparency tween, which fades in the rectangle as follows:


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