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How to Create an Animated gif with Illustrator and Photoshop

Multiple Artboard method:

From Illustrator, export at .png and check Use Artboards.

In Photoshop, File / Scripts / Load Files into Stack

Open Timeline Panel = Window Menu / Timeline

In Timeline Panel, in dropdown in centre, select Create Frame Animation Button then click on it.

In Timeline Panel, click menu at top right of it, select Make Frames from Layers

Drag frames in timeline if you need to re-order.

Set timings for each frame from the dropdown that appears beneath each frame.


See video.

Create an animation in Illustrator.

Duplicate the layer it is on using the layer menu.

Create multiple layers in Illustrator. Each layer is a frame of the animation.

Modify the layer to create the next frame.

Export to .psd, make sure to preserve the layers.

In Photoshop, individual layers become the frames of the animated gif.

Window > Timeline to open the Timeline Panel.

Photoshop Make Frames from Layers option.


Or use multiple Artboards in Illustrator.

File export as .png, check Use Artboards, save in a folder.


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