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Resources to help you get started with Bootstrap.

Bootstrap Project Official Site
The official home of the Bootstrap project. Has a Getting Started page and explains the components available.

Build a Bootstrap Theme from Scratch
A worked example from w3schools that shows you how to build a Bootstrap theme from scratch to create a business website.

Video - Coding the Menu Elements in Bootstrap 3
Lecture 6 of Coding A Responsive Website with Bootstrap 3 by Brad Hussey shows you how to code the menu elements including a Search Form.

Video - Coding the Dropdown Menu in the Navigation Bar in Bootstrap 3
Lecture 7 of Coding A Responsive Website with Bootstrap 3 by Brad Hussey. This shows how to add a dropdown menu into the main navigation.

Video - Adding a Fixed Navbar to Your Website with Bootstrap
A Bootstrap 3 tutorial by Wiredwiki.

Video Tutorial - Reponsive Collapsing Navbar in Bootstrap 3
By Coder's Guide

Article on Bootstrap Media Queries from scotch.io
CSS Media Queries are needed to make your layout look good on different screen sizes.

Media Queries in Bootstrap 4
Article on the official Bootstrap site explaining the Media Queries that are used in Bootstrap 4.

Media Queries in Bootstrap 3
Guidance from the official site.

How to Customize the Default Bootstrap Style, the Right Way
BootstrapBay explains how adding a custom stylesheet at css/custom.css is the right way to go.

Coding a Responsive Footer with Bootstrap 3
A YouTube tutorial by Brad Hussey.

Bootstrap 4 Cheat Sheet
A quick reference for Bootstrap 4.

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