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Bitcoin Trading Signals

A list of some common Bitcoin trading signals.

Fear and Greed Index

Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index on Twitter @BitcoinFear
Should be buying when people are fearful, and selling when people are greedy.

Bitcoin Longs vs Shorts

BTCUSD Longs on Bitfinex - More longs means Bitcoin expected to rise.

BTCUSD Shorts on Bitfinex - More shorts means Bitcoin expected to fall.

Bitcoin CME Gap

CME stands for Chicago Mercantile Exchange and CME Group is the world's largest financial derivatives exchange. The CME offers trading in Bitcoin Futures contracts.

A CME gap can form when the price of Bitcoin moves above or below the CME close price during the weekend of holidays in the US. This is a very short term signal.

See Bitcoin Futures - Quotes

Moving Averages

When Bitcoin is above the 200 day moving average, market is Bullish, when below, market is Bearish.

On-Chain Analysis

Introduction to on-chain analysis:

Ratio of Transfer Volume to Market Cap

Illiquid Supply Shock Ratio

The amount of Bitcoin held by strong hands, compared to weak hands.

See Bitcoin liquid supply article on Glassnode.

Given by Bitcoin Liquid and Illiquid Supply metric on Glassnode (paid subscription metric).

Spent Output Profit Ratio (see Glassnode)

Are the Bitcoins being traded in profit or loss in aggregate?

Computed by dividing the realized value (in USD) divided by the value at creation (USD) of a spent output, i.e. price sold / price paid.

In a bull market, when this dips below 1 it's a really good buy signal.

In a bear market, when it goes above 1, it's a good time to sell some Bitcoin.

See also Will Clemente Interview 5:40

On-chain analysts on Twitter:







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