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Bitcoin People

Peter Smith @onemorepeter
President of the Blockchain.com website which displays Bitcoin transactions and provides a Bitcoin wallet called Blockchain Wallet.

Andreas Antonopoulos @aantonop
Entrepreneur involved with computer security and Bitcoin.

Nic Cary @niccary
CEO and co-founder of Blockchain.com.

Halsey Minor Wikipedia
Founder of bitreserve.org

Max Keiser @maxkeiser
Tech entrepreneur, presenter of the Keiser Report on Russia Today, and cryptocurrency champion.

Nathaniel Popper @nathanielpopper | nathanielpopper.com
Wall Street reporter for The New York Times. Has written a book on Bitcoin called Digital Gold.

Brian Armstrong @brian_armstrong
Co-founder of the Coinbase Bitcoin exchange.

Fred Ehrsam @FEhrsam
Co-founder of the Coinbase Bitcoin exchange.

Ted Rogers @tedmrogers
Chief Strategy Officer at Xapo (as at May 2015).

Nozomi Hayase @nozomimagine
PhD who has appeared on the Keiser Report talking about Bitcoin and how evolutionary theory can apply to it.



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