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Big Data

Interview with Dr Roy Marsten
Founder of Emcien

Founded by Dr Roy Marsten.

BusinessIntelligence.com | @BIdotcom 
Business intelligence and big data news.

Ed Wiley @WileyEd
Chief Data Scientist @Sears.

Big Data Notes

Big data helps companies optimise processes, leading to productivity gains.

The technology businesses select need to make people smarter, giving the capabilities of a data scientist to the business analyst or user.

Companies have a lot of data, and they need to look at what is available and what business problems they can solve by leveraging the information. Success can be measured by comparing the problems you've solved with what they were costing you.

What is Big Data? When data become so complex and multidimensional to the point where a person cannot easily analyse it to find answers, then it becomes Big Data.

Big Data is all about using maths to understand data, and then using computers to deal with that data.

Five businesses activities that would benefit the most from Big Data are:
- Customer acquisition and empowering the sales process
- Marketing and promotional campaigns
- Risk evaluation activities
- Monitoring remote corporate assets such as trucks and planes
- Information security

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