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Altcoins are "alternative" cryptocurrencies, so called because they are an alternative to the original and biggest crytocurrency Bitcoin.

Disclaimer - Listing of any Altcoin here does not imply endorsement. Altcoins can be extremely volatile, do your own thorough research before making any investment.

For altcoin prices.

DeFi Pulse
Information on DeFi altcoins.

For news of DeFi hacks and exploits.

A scalable and interoperable blockchain platform. Enables cross-blockchain transfers of any type of data or asset, not just tokens. Founded by Dr Gavin Wood, formerly Ethereum co-founder and CTO.

Duck DAO
A decentralised incubator for early-stage crypto projects.

A decentralized oracle network to connect smart contracts on any blockchain to off-chain data sources.
Article Nov 2020 - 77 Smart Contract Use Cases Enabled By Chainlink
Chainlink Price

Founded by Charles Hoskinson who was a co-founder of Ethereum.

Stellar Lumens
Founded by Jed McCaleb, formerly CTO of Ripple, and founder of Mt Gox before selling it.

Targetting tranched and timed payments, escrow, and provides a token launch platform. Coin is SWAP. Founded by Jeff Kirdeikis.

An example of an on-chain money market protocol that uses Chainlink Price Feeds to fetch market data for nearly two dozen different cryptocurrencies supported on the platform.
Article Jan 2020 - The Aave Oracle Network Powered by Chainlink is Now Live!

Crypto research platform.

A Hub and Defi App For Uniswap and DEX trading.

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