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Adobe InDesign Tutorials

Text is Disappearing on Pressing Enter

Try taking Number Lock off and see if that solves it.

The problem is that the Enter key on the Number Pad is a shortcut for a Column Break, so pressing it sends text to the next column. See also:


Show Hidden Characters

Type / Show Hidden Characters - will show you things like line and column breaks.

Insert an Image

Select a frame, then File Menu / Place

Create a Layout with Text and Graphics

Insert Placeholder Text

Click into text box, then Type menu / Fill With Placeholder Text.

Paragraph Styles

Window / Styles / Paragraph Styles

Create Heading Style

Open Paragraph Styles panel / New Style button at bottom / Give Style a name, e.g. Heading 1

Create Header

Parent Pages (previously Master Pages)


Space Between Paragraphs Feature (Helps formatting spacing in bullet lists)

Designing a Letterhead

Document/ Setup - Set all margins to 16mm.

Use A4 with a 3mm bleed.

Document should have space on the left to allow for punch holes.

What appears on a letterhead (and body content):

Header graphic

Company logo top left

To Addressee name and address (left aligned)

Date (right aligned)

Dear Mr ... Dear Sirs ...

Sign off ... Yours sincerely ... Yours faithfully etc ...

Footer graphic. Include phone, e-mail, website and address of sender, with icons.

Preview Document

W key for Preview mode. Note it does not show the bleed area.

Toggle Guides

Ctrl + ;




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