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Learn to Code with PHP from these PHP Tutorial Sites

PHP is a good language to get started with coding. A good thing about PHP is that it's open source, meaning is a helpful user community and lots of free scripts available online. Below are good sites to help you learn PHP, where you find good introductory PHP tutorials.

Derek Banas on YouTube
Derek has an enthusiastic presenting style, so his videos are well worth a watch if you want to learn PHP.

Official PHP Site
An introduction to PHP from the official PHP site.

PHP Tutorial from w3schools
PHP introduction and PHP tutorial from w3schools.

Learn PHP at Codecademy

PHP Builder
For PHP tutorials, templates, scripts and manuals.

Hacking with PHP
Online book for learning PHP.

Introduction to PHP from Tutorials Point

PHP Freaks
PHP tutorials, articles and scripts.

PHP Cheat Sheet from Cheatography
A one page reference sheet for PHP functions, regular expressions and date formatting.

Tizag PHP Basics Tutorial
An easy to follow PHP tutorial.

PHP MySQL Tutorial
Tutorials covering the PHP and MySQL basics.



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