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How to Set a Variable Value within a PHP Class

The below script demonstrates how to set the value of a variable with a PHP class:

*** Example Starts ***

//PHP 5 example
//PHP class starts, we've put this class within the page but could have put it in a separate file

class MyClass {

//variable will be global inside the object
//the variable can be accessed both inside and outside of the class as we will see below

//class variables are also known as properties
//In PHP v5 we use public, protected or private to declare a variable, depending on its visibility
//We use public for the variable to be accessible from outside the class

public $MyClassVariable;

public function setMyClassVariable( $value )
$this->MyClassVariable = $value;

public function getMyClassVariable()

return $this->MyClassVariable;

//PHP class ends

//create an instance of the class as the $MyObject object
$MyObject = new MyClass();

//You access a class variable from outside the class using the arrow operator. The arrow tells php that the variable is part of the $mine object

echo $MyObject->getMyClassVariable();

*** Example Ends ***

The browser output of this script should be 10.





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