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PHP Script to Sanitise Form Input for a MySQL Database

The following function can be used to remove potentially dangerous characters from a form input field before the data is inserted into a MySQL database:

function makeSQLSafe($str)
// check the status of magic_quotes_gpc, if it returns true
// we remove the escaped characters. Allowing for the real escaping
// to be done via mysql_real_escape_string
// remove the slashes.
$str = stripslashes($str);

$str = mysql_real_escape_string($str);

return $str;
//End of function

Here's an example of how the function would be used in practice. We would obtain the form input in the normal way, e.g. as follows:


Then when the various field values are input into the database, we cleanse them by calling the makeSQLSafe function on them as follows:

//database query
$query = "INSERT INTO Reviews (ProductId, ReviewRating, ReviewDesc, ReviewDate, ReviewIsApproved) VALUES ('" .
makeSQLSafe($ProductId) . "', '" .
makeSQLSafe($ReviewRating) . "', '" .
makeSQLSafe($ReviewDesc) . "', '" .
makeSQLSafe($DateAndTime) . "', '" .
makeSQLSafe(0) . "')";


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