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PHP Affiliate Link Jump Script

A PHP affiliate link jump script has two benefits. Firstly, it can make your links more appealing to site visitors. Secondly, it's helpful for link maintenance, as you can keep all your affiliate links in one file.

Create the below PHP script below and save it as visit.php. Configure the script with your own merchant names and affiliate links (shown in colour and italicised):

$store = $_GET['store'];
if ($store == "merchant-name-1") {$link = "http://www.your-affiliate-link-1.com";}
if ($store == "merchant-name-2") {$link = "http://www.your-affiliate-link-2.com";}
header("Location: $link");

Upload the visit.php script to your website, your-website.com. Now, when you want to link to merchant-name-1 via your affiliate link, you can use:





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