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Painting Exterior Window Frames

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Tools Required

Paint scraper.

Wire brush.

Sandpaper. Abrasive paper 120 grade. Or buy 50 grit belt sanding paper as it lasts longer.

Paint brush.

Window scraper (optional).

Masking tape.


Painting Windows - Step by Step



Preparing the Window Frame for Painting

Remove old flaky paint.  Scrape it off then brush down any scraped surfaces with a wire brush, being careful not to scratch the window pane.

If the old paint does not come off fully with a scraper alone, you may have to torch it off.

Prepare the surface by lightly sanding over the old paintwork with medium-grade sandpaper.

Dust off with a clean dry paint brush.

If you wish, you can use a window scraper to remove old paint splashes from the window pane.

Pain any metal details with rust-proof paint.

Use an oil-based undercoat. A fast drying oil based primer will prevent any wood staining coming through.

Oil the scraped wood. Apply liberally and evenly with a lint-free cloth or good quality brush. Work into the wood and keep applying until the wood stops absorbing.

Apply masking tape to the glass, 2mm away from the wooden frame. Allowing 2mm of paint onto the glass helps to prevent moisture getting into the wood. 

Apply a top coat of oil-based gloss.




Painting the Window

Paint early in the day, to give enough time to dry so you can close the windows at night. 

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