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Altcoins are "alternative" cryptocurrencies, so called because they are an alternative to the original and biggest crytocurrency Bitcoin.

Disclaimer - Listing of any Altcoin here does not imply endorsement. Altcoins can be extremely volatile, do your own thorough research before making any investment.

Duck DAO
A decentralised incubator for early-stage crypto projects.

A decentralized oracle network to connect smart contracts on any blockchain to off-chain data sources.

Stellar Lumens
Founded by Jed McCaleb, formerly CTO of Ripple, and founder of Mt Gox before selling it.

Targetting tranched and timed payments, escrow, and provides a token launch platform. Coin is SWAP. Founded by Jeff Kirdeikis.

Oracle network.
Article Nov 2020 - 77 Smart Contract Use Cases Enabled By Chainlink
Chainlink Price

An example of an on-chain money market protocol that uses Chainlink Price Feeds to fetch market data for nearly two dozen different cryptocurrencies supported on the platform.
Article Jan 2020 - The Aave Oracle Network Powered by Chainlink is Now Live!

Crypto research platform.

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